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 Gwala's A2 ghee is churned from the milk of grass-fed Gir cows at our farm. The cows are allowed to free graze and feed their calves. Only the excess milk is then used to make our premium ghee.
2. The premium A2 milk from the Gir cows is first turned into curd by using a microbe culture. We then churn the curd for hours to separate the butter before boiling it to turn it into ghee.
3. 1 kg of our ghee comes from 32 litres of milk. Gwala's ghee contains no additives, no preservatives and no added colours. Just wholesome goodness.
4. Our ghee can be used by everyone, including those on keto and paleo diets. Its full-bodied aroma and flavour will complement all kinds of food and taste buds.

Desi Gir Cow A2 Bilona Ghee (Ahimsa - Cruelty free) - 1000ml

SKU: 100000
₹1,800.00 Regular Price
₹1,400.00Sale Price
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