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How is A2 Different from A1 milk?

Beta-casein is the second most common type of protein found in milk, which occurs in two common forms in cow milk, namely A1 and A2. A1 beta-casein is the protein type typically found in most cows’ milk that is considered harmful for human health. A2 beta-casein, on the other hand, is found in desi cow breeds and possess great nutritional value and benefits relatively.

Where Can I Purchase the Milk ?

You can Download Our APP and place the order Currently we are serving in Mumbai are a only

Are you products made of A2 milk?

We breed only Gir cows at our dairy farm to produce milk rich in A2 protein and the same milk is used to make other dairy products such as Ghee, Buttermilk and Paneer.

Where is your farm ?

Our Farm is located 180 kms from mumbai near Shikrapur a Village Near Pune - Nasik Highway . Milk is Delivered to your homes daily from our farms no cold storage of any sort is done . Milk is delivered you homes within  24hrs of milking depending on the location 

Is your milk Cruelty free?

Absolutely ! We at  Gwala's A2  Milk Believe that the First Right to the Cows  Milk is of her calfs therefore milk is obtained only then the calf is fed sufficiently.

Where Do you provide Milk ?

Currently we provide in Only in Mumbai (Western lines ) and we are looking to expand soon to the other regions of Mumbai since there has been an increasing demand of  our Products .
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