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WHat is Desi Cow ?

What is pure and healthy, is the milk of Indigenous Indian cow breeds. These Desi cows nurture us just like our own mothers.

Maybe you have wondered that what is so special about Gir cow Milk? And Desi cow Milk is that healthy to consume?

Don’t worry, we will provide you all the details and clear all your doubts.

Their milk contains an effective A2 beta-casein protein that gets broken down into amino acids for easy digestion. This milk has natural sweetness, boosts immunity, increases good (HDL) cholesterol, nourishes body tissues and helps in growth and development of a child’s brain.

GIR: A breed of Desi cows originating from the forest regions of Gujarat.



There hasn't been a day when the milk has spoilt. The owner provides fresh milk and there's definitely no adulteration. Value for money. We'll recommend it 100%.

The farm visit was awesome,

the milk is very authentic

Very reasonably priced milk, my kids love the milk

Benefits of A2 Milk

 Safe for


Intolerant People,

It is Free of Hormones and Antibiotics and is Made in India



and Health 

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