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Confused Weather to Try our Milk or Not dont worry Try our 7 Day Trial Pack and Taste our Milk if you like our Milk ( And we  are confident you will) then you can Continue if NO then you Can discontinue By not recharging any further. No Questions Asked .

Gwala's A2 provides fresh Gir Cow A2 milk at doorstep every morning in selected locations of Mumbai. 

Gwala's A2  Desi Cow Milk is naturally produced without  any use of growth hormone injections or antibiotics. Our cows are fed with natural fodder and cattle feed without chemical or animal ingredients.


Gwalas A2 Gir Cow Milk | 7 Day Trial (Limited Service) Contact for sale

SKU: 0001
  • Desi Gir Cow Milk Availble in Selected Regions of  Mumbai Download Our APP to Place order For it . 

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